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Help Musicians UK – Balancing the business of creativity

I spent a fascinating few days at the London headquarters of Help Musicians UK interviewing emerging artists. Help Musicians UK support artists in a variety of ways, from starting out through to retirement, and commissioned a film for their away day for staff to hear from musicians across a range of disciplines. From jazz and classical, to folk and pop, it was clear that talent and drive were necessary for success, but in order to succeed ,they also required support in many forms to navigate the music industry.

This is only snippets of the conversations we had, but I was left humbled and impressed by the sheer talent and determination from these individuals, and look forward to hearing more from them in the future.

Douglas Dare: singer / songwriter / musician (pop) – currently approaching 2nd album release

JJ Wheeler: musician and composer (jazz drums) – currently gigging and composing

Anna Lena Bruland / EERA: singer / songwriter / musician (pop)  – currently approaching 1st EP release

Fabian Holland: singer / songwriter / musician (folk) – currently writing 2nd album

Henry Spencer: musician and composer (jazz trumpet) – currently approaching release of 1st album

Elliot Morris: singer / songwriter / musician (folk) – currently working on 1st album

Jaymee Coonjobeeharry – musician (classical flute) – currently postgrad student

Claire Newton: musician (classical viola) – currently auditioning for orchestras

You can watch the film here.



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